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When you’re ready to take your Ultrasound career to the next level, you know how important the ARDMS Exam can be.
But here’s the catch. The ARDMS Exam is designed to test entry-level competency, yet many professionals — at all experience levels — have a difficult time passing the exam. Our goal at ExamRefresh is to change that.

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Bullet Point Only the material you need to pass your exam.

Bullet Point Available 24/7 from any computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Bullet Point Short burst learning sessions anywhere you are.

Bullet Point Less test anxiety. Study in the format that the actual exam uses.

Bullet Point Exam Preparation for Ultrasound Abdomen, Ob/Gyn and Physics (SPI).

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How to pass the ARDMS Abdomen examGet the Ultimate guide to the ARDMS Abdomen exam

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The Ultimate Guide to the ARDMS SPI exam

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Easy to follow videos that you won’t find anywhere else

 Check out one of our educational videos. Whether you are a visual or auditory learner they will help you finally understand difficult concepts.

Here’s a complete video as an example.

“I used Exam Refresh on a computer during down times at work and on my phone around the house or on-the-go. I love that my account was always available no matter where I was.” Erica C. 

Think you might be ready for the exam?

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“I went from being certain I would fail to walking into the testing center knowing that I was going to pass.” – Jarod F.

The problem with Haphazard studying…

The problem with haphazard studying (studying without a smart plan) is that you end up wasting so much energy wondering if you are studying the right things. Sure, you can study everything just to be on the safe side but the problem with that is it will take a very long time before you feel ready to take the test. Most likely you will burn out and give up before then. An investment in a concentrated study program like Exam Refresh that focused on the ARDMS is fast track to advancing your career and increasing your income without losing your mind in the process.

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And best of all, with Exam Refresh, there is absolutely no risk!

100 Percent Satisfaction Guarantee100 Percent Satisfaction GuaranteeOUR  LEGENDARY DOUBLE-MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

We offer a 100% Money Back Membership Guarantee. If you don’t agree that Exam Refresh is the only study system you need to pass your registry, simply email with the subject “Please Refund my Membership Fee” and we’ll reverse the charges and deposit the money back in your account. Within 24 hours and no questions asked.

THAT’S NOT ALL:  If after using our study system you still happen to fail your registry exam, we double the amount that we refunded you. Simply send us a scan or photo of your test results and  receipt and we’ll mail you a check for double the amount you paid us.

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Some Questions and Answers

Can I really be prepared to pass my ARDMS exam in just 30 days?

Yes. Students who have been in an ultrasound course and/or had on the job experience within the past year generally have enough base knowledge to pass after only 30 days.

Passing in 30 days requires utilizing a 30/30 plan. That is 30 minutes of study per day for 30 consecutive days. It is important to understand that learning happens best in manageable, daily chunks. Just as you would not nourish your body with one 15,000 calorie meal once per week, your mind will not perform remotely as well with a weekly 3 ½ hour study session as with 7 daily 30 minute study sessions. Typically students take a 20 question practice exam once daily for six days and then take the 100 Question Exam Simulation (100QES) to assess their progress/readiness on the 7th day. When a student passes the 100QES twice consecutively they are ready to take and pass the ARDMS. It’s that simple.

Not able to commit to the 30/30 plan? For the solution and more study suggestions visit our Study Tips FAQ Page

Is Exam Refresh right for me?

Put a mental check mark by each of the following statements that apply to you:

  • I’m in the ultrasound field.
  • Getting a registry would help me make more money.
  • I’m confused about technical terminology.
  • I struggle with math and formulas.
  • My school didn’t prepare me well enough.
  • I find diagrams confusing.
  • I’ve had bad testing experiences in the past.
  • I’m really bad with computers.
  • I know it’s a computerized test.
  • I’m overwhelmed by the amount of information I need to know.
  • I’m concerned about getting a job if I’m not registered.
  • I’ve actually thought about a backup plan if ultrasound doesn’t work out.
  • I feel tense or get a sinking feeling in my stomach when I think about the exam.
  • I repeatedly do Internet searches and browse for information on the test.
  • I don’t have a plan in place to prepare for the test.
  • I avoid conversations about my career with friends and family.
  • I feel inferior to people I went to school with because their careers are further than mine.
  • I’ve been out of school for a long time and I can’t remember everything I learned.
  • I’m worried by not knowing what’s on the test.

Exam Refresh provides solutions to all of the proceeding pain points and more.


Who made Exam Refresh and why?

Franco Vallejos a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer working in the field. He founded because he heard too many sad stories from friends, coworkers and former classmates about the stress, agony and days spent studying hard for the ARDMS exam registries. Oftentimes only to end up failing. They were studying hard but not effectively… scatterbrained, wasting energy, stressing about the test, doubting their abilities, entertaining fears about failing and even subconsciously creating a “Plan B” for their career in case they didn’t pass.

We all know that there are a lot of study materials out there for each ARDMS registry exam but they try to teach everything. Here at examrefresh we only teach what is necessary for the exam.

Is this the exact questions that are on the ARDMS?

No. The ARDMS was founded to maintain the quality and caliber of Sonographers in the field. We work to supplement their goal, not undermine it. We stay aware of what topics and what types of questions are on the exam because we’ stay in touch with customers like you. We want you to pass the exam. But we can’t, and honestly wouldn’t want to, help you do that by giving you the actual answers to the questions. Our goal is to help you completely understand the information on the exam. So if we help you learn the material, not only will you be able to go into the exam and take it with confidence, but you will also be a better Sonographer for it.

Your guarantee… Are there conditions?

Actually we offer 2 guarantees:

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is simple. It isn’t based on how much you have or have not used the system or any other criteria. It is a 100%  credited within 1 business day and no questions asked. We only ask that you request your refund before your membership expires.

Our Double Money Back offer is a little different. We will need to see proof that the exam was taken and failed.

Why offer to refund more money than you receive?

Simple. We don’t like to lose money. It helps us push ourselves to offer you the very best study products and customer support we can. We want you have a great experience. We are very confident in you and in Exam Refresh. We want you to be confident too!

What devices does Exam Refresh work on?

Exam refresh works on any phone or tablet with internet capabilities such as: iPhone, Android, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Tablets, Blackberry and Palm.

Exam Refresh’s web app runs online through your web browser using any of: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox & Safari.

Exam Refresh will work on both Apple Macintosh (OS 9, OS X) and Windows PC (2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7).

Will using Exam Refresh use up a lot of my data plan?

All the study materials that we offer are created to use very little bandwidth. They use less than just surfing on normal websites like Facebook or Wikipedia. We use YouTube and Vimeo for our videos and they are optimized for mobile use.

How do I get started with Exam Refresh?

Full access to our study products is available with a paid membership. Or you can start with a free sample practice test.

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Is this a “hack” for people who want to pass their ARDMS Exam but not understand the concepts being tested?

No. We are very proud that our students score high on their exams AND go on to be great sonographers because they know their stuff inside and out.

Is Exam Refresh an automatic system that magically installs the knowledge in my brain?

There’s no way around it, when you sit down in that testing center it will be you, the exam running on a computer, and all you will have is a dry erase board, a marker to write with and the knowledge YOU’VE WORKED HARD to acquire. We can’t do that work for you but we’ll do everything we can to simplify it and make it as stress free and painless as possible. You will have an awesome feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction because you made the decision to succeed and went out and did what was required to make it happen.

Take your first step towards passing your registry exam and taking your career to the next level.

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Have a question not listed here? Please email us at We’d love to help you out any way we can.

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