I have started a collection of Ultrasound images that totally look like something else (at least to me). Most I have taken myself, a couple I found online.


1. Scary fetus totally looks like Boba Fett

2. Gallbladder sludge totally looks like a buck.


3. Portal hypertension totally looks like an elephant swimming.


4. Early fetus totally looks like the Thundercat’s logo.


5. Pregnant uterus totally looks like No Fear.


6. Baby totally looks like kid luchador.


Just for fun.


by [googleplusauthor]

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  1. Esto es real, si uno se imagina estas imagenes las patologias serian mas facil de entender…

    Muy real….

  2. Oh my – how long have you been scanning? What a great imagination. I’m guessing you don’t offer your patients a running commentary while gathering your images!!!

    • I’ve been scanning for years but only in the last 2 or 3 have I been collecting interesting images. I almost always ask my patients if I may keep a copy. Occasionally I don’t notice the similarity until later. I have a wall of fun images. These are just a few.

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