Study Tips – Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 100QES the same difficulty level as the ARDMS?

To be on the safe side the 100QES questions are slightly more difficult than the ARDMS questions.

What if I can’t commit to studying 30 minutes a day for 30 consecutive days?

There are two alternatives to the 30/30 plan:

The 15/60 plan is 15 minutes of study per day over 60 days.

The 10/90 plan is 10 minutes of study per day over 90 days.

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How does a little bit of preparation each day lead to a lot of learning?

It’s no great secret that the subconscious mind is extremely powerful. Have you spent time with someone and find yourself using the same phrases or even accent as them? Have you ever done a routine job for several days and found yourself still doing it your dreams or known the words to a song that was popular years ago even though you never intentionally learned it? When you’re exposed or in.

What if I can’t study every day?

Life’s circumstances can make it difficult for many of us to study every single day. That’s why we’ve made 60 and 90 day membership options available. You still want to make your study program consistent. For most effective learning we recommend:

  • NOT to exceed thirty minutes length per study session
  • NOT to exceed two days between study sessions

If I request a refund or test fee reimbursement, are there a bunch of hoops I have to jump through?

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is not based on how much you have or have not used the system or any other criteria. It is 100% and no questions asked. We only ask that you request your refund before your membership expires.

Our test fee reimbursement offer is a little different. We will need to see proof that the exam was taken and failed. We ask that this be submitted within 30 days of the expiration of your membership.

What if I’ve been doing the 30/30 plan for 3 weeks and still can’t pass the 100QES?

Very often the results 100QES scores are discouraging the first few weeks. But remember you’re in the process of learning that’s why you’re doing this!

Here’s what NOT to do:

Do Not: Take the 100QES over and over trying to get a better result. Odds are you’re score will not change much and you will simulate failure over and over until you feel like a failure. That puts you in a position of fighting the same losing mental battle you were fighting before you had a plan. Our advice? Don’t even go there.

Do Not: Start force yourself to study hours upon hours from all kinds of different sources. You might see a temporary spike in your 100QES score but after a week all of that info will have drained from your brain with very little retained.

Here’s what TO do:

Do: Stick to the plan. Seriously. One day you will be taking your practice quiz as usual and it will be like someone turned the lights on inside your head. You may be running around the house or office singing The Hallelujah Chorus because you finally get the material. This AHAA! moment is the big payoff for consistency. Sing it with us now “Hallelujah! Hallelujah!”

Do: Harness your own curiosity. Study and research things that you’re curious about. If there is a question or two that really bugged you in your last practice quiz. Look up the answer, study it, figure it for yourself. Curiosity is the most powerful learning tool of all time. If you’re curious and want to know an answer, ride that wave baby!!! If you’re seeking to answer questions that are inside you, by all means, study outside of the normal time allotted. Once you satisfy your curiosity it will stick in your brain forever.

When in doubt repeat this mantra: “Stick to the plan.” “Stick to the plan.” “Stick to the plan.”

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