This is the principle that if you have 2 variables their relationship will be constant.
The reason this is important is if you know a that two values are proportional to each other then if one is increased the other must be increased.
Take for example Frequency (Mhz) and Resolution. If you increase the frequency of an ultrasound transducer or the frequency of the pulse then you increase the resolution of the image.
Power is proportional to intensity. If you increase the power then you will increase the intensity.

Proportionality symbolI = p / area

Remember from our post on formulas and formula conversions that whatever is on the top of the fraction will be proportional.

So if we have Intensity = Power / Area, then Intensity and Power are proportional. They have a direct relationship. One goes up the other goes up.

Knowing this really helps answer any question that revolves around values that we actually have a formula for. So if for example it asks “If the area of the Ultrasound beam is decreased what happens to the power and intensity?”. We know that if the area goes down then the intensity goes up (think of the focal point of the beam) so if intensity goes up then the power directed to that area will also increase.

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