So what exactly is a Reciprocal?

A reciprocal is basically any two variables that equal 1 when multiplied together.

For example, a / b x b / a = c

We see them in Ultrasound more frequently as a one variable equals a constant multiplied or divided by another variable.

For example, a = b / c, a = b x c

Ultrasound Physics Relationships

I use arrows next to any formula I write to be able to quickly glance and understand the change.

So, the main point that  I think that you should remember, especially pertaining to Ultrasound Physics, is that the numbers are not the important thing. Too many of us get stuck trying to memorize formulas and equations where if you understand the relationship between the variables you will find the answer. The formula is there to show you exactly why things happen the way that they do.

So in your studying when you come across a relationship make note of whether it is reciprocal (inverse) or direct relationship.

Examples of relationships

Reciprocal relationships – if one goes up the other goes down

  • frequency – wavelength
  • PRP – PRF
  • duty factor – PRP
  • frequency – penetration
  • frequency – period
  • beam area – intensity

Direct relationships – if one goes up the other goes up

  • wavelength – propagation speed (wavelength depends on the propagation speed, propagation speed is determined by the medium)
  • duty factor – pulse duration
  • duty factor – PRF
  • path length – attenuation
  • frequency – attenuation
  • beam power – intensity
  • density – propagation speed – impedance

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