Ligaments and Fissures

Front and back liver anatomy

Main Lobar Fissure

This is the landmark that separates the Right and left lobes of the liver. The Middle Hepatic Vein sits within the Main Lobar Fissure. The Main Lobar Fissure connects the Gallbladder and the fossa of the IVC.
Right Intersegmental Fissure
This divides the Right Lobe into Anterior and Posterior Segments. This contains the Right Hepatic Vein.

Left Intersegmental Fissure

This divides the Left lobe into Medial and Lateral Segments. This contains the left hepatic vein, the ligamentum teres, the falciform ligament and the ascending segment of the left portal vein.

Ligamentum Venosum

The fibrous remnant of the ductus venosus is the ligamentum venosum. Within the liver at the porta hepatis it is usually attached to the left portal vein. Once inside the Falciform ligament it can be continuous with the ligamentum teres.

The Ligamentum Venosum sits in the fossa for the ductus venosus between the caudate lobe and main parts of the left lobe.

Ligamentum Teres (The Round Ligament)

The fibrous remains of the umbilical vein. It travels from the Umbilicus through the falciform ligament to the umbilical notch on the liver. It follows the inferior portion of the liver to the porta hepatis where it can become continuous with the ligamentum venosum.


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