The question I am asked the most often is what should I study for the SPI exam.

There is so much information to be covered how can anyone properly prepare for an exam that could cover a number of topics. So I have been preparing this study guide to answer those questions. Most books out there try to cover everything that could possibly be on the test which will just bog you down with more information in an already confusing process or they explain things in a hard to understand way. Our guide was created with you in mind. It’s easy to read, easy to understand and we offer video explanations of each chapter so you are able to watch along as you study. Most people I know are visual learners so we have found the video explanations more effective than text alone.

We want you to be able to walk into the exam with confidence.


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Now you will be able to just jump quickly to those areas that you feel you lack the correct knowledge and learn the specific points that are relevant and not have to wade through pages and pages of information.

What is covered in this book:

TABLE OF CONTENTS Quick study list 1. Color Doppler

  • Increase/Decrease color scale or gain (Some of these questions are the Console Simulation questions).

2. Transducer frequency

  • Increasing/decreasing frequency helps with what?
  • Increasing the frequency
  • Decreasing the frequency

3. Frequency/Doppler

  • Equation and relationships

4. Near zone, far zone, diameter, frequency and beam width

  • Equation and relationships

5. Transducer arrays

  • Types of arrays
  • Linear sequential array
  • Linear phased array
  • Curved sequential array
  • Annular array

6. Artifacts

  • Reverberation
  • Comet tail
  • Ring down
  • Speed error
  • Shadowing
  • Enhancement
  • Spectral mirror
  • Aliasing
  • Blossom

7. Decibels

  • Solve a decibel equation
  • Equation and relationships
  • Decibel Conversion Table Negative Decibels

8. Attenuation

  • Attenuation Coefficient

9. Wavelength

  • Equation and relationships
  • How to solve a Wavelength equation

10. Resolution

  • Temporal resolution
  • Lateral resolution
  • Axial resolution
  • Contrast resolution
  • Units for resolution

12. Period and Frequency

  • Period
  • Frequency
  • Equations

13. Harmonic imaging vs. Conventional imaging 14. Ultrasound Physics Formulas

The Ultimate Guide to the ARDMS SPI examOur Study guide we’ll help sift through the wealth of information available and help you study efficiently and effectively.

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