I have been trying to find a study guide that covers just the relevant material pertaining to the Abdomen exam. I get so many requests for resources to study. It just seems like every book tries to go over every single possibility. They drown you in complexity, facts and details.

So we decided to create our own. We have been working with individuals before and after taking their exam to narrow the field of study to those areas that are relevant.

Board Certified Radiologist, Chris Glenn MDI have had the pleasure of working with and knowing Franco for many years. He is both skilled as a clinical sonographer and knowledgable about disease processes. He has always impressed me with his knowledge as he is able to teach both students and interns. His knowledge of all aspects of Ultrasound is outstanding. His interaction with Ultrasound students is top notch. I see how well he teaches both hands on Ultrasound as well as anatomy and physiology.

Chris Glenn MD, Board Certified Interventional Radiologist

The thing we hear the most is “I sat down to take the exam and the first question was on an area that I didn’t even study.” Talk about losing your confidence.

We want to be able to give you some of that confidence back.


How to study effectively

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Now you will be able to just jump quickly to those areas that you feel you lack the correct knowledge and learn the specific points that are relevant and not have to wade through pages and pages of information.

Here’s a preview of what is inside our Abdominal Ultrasound  Study Guide.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 – Liver
    • Lobar Anatomy
    • Couinaud classification
    • Variants
    • Ligaments and Fissures
    • Vascular Anatomy
  • Chapter 2 – Gallbladder/Biliary Tree
    • Location and Appearance
    • Variants
    • Vascular Anatomy of the Biliary Tree
  • Chapter 3 – Spleen
    • Location and Appearance
    • Variants
    • (accessory spleen)
    • Vascular Anatomy of the Spleen
  • Chapter 4 – Abdominal Wall
    • Layers (including hernia)
    • Abdominal wall muscles groups
  • Chapter 5 – Chest and Diaphragm
    • Anatomy
  • Chapter 6 – Neck: Vessels, Muscles, Lymph Nodes, Thyroid and Parathyroid
    • Anatomy
    • Variants
    • Lymph Nodes
    • Thyroid
    • High values
    • Low values
    • Parathyroid
  • Chapter 7 – Musculoskeletal (Regional)
    • Shoulder Anatomy
  • Chapter 8 – Prostate
    • Anatomy
  • Chapter 9 – Scrotum and Contents
    • Scrotum
    • Testes
    • Epididymis and Cord
    • Vascular Anatomy
    • Variants
    • Physiology
  • Chapter 10 – Intestinal Segments
    • Anatomy
    • Sections of the Small intestine
    • Large Intestine
  • Chapter 11 – Abdominal Vessels
    • Aorta
    • The Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) and Confluence
    • Portal Vein and Confluence
    • Less common tributaries
    • Biliary Vessels
  • Chapter 12 – Obstructive Uropathy
  • Chapter 13 – Abnormalities
    • Pancreas
    • Liver
    • Gallbladder and Biliary Tree
    • Kidneys and Urinary Tract
    • Polycystic kidneys
    • Urachal abnormalities.
    • Adrenal Gland
    • Spleen
  • Chapter 14 – Solid and Cystic Masses
    • Pancreas
    • Liver
    • Gallbladder and Biliary Tree
    • Four types of gallbladder polyps.
    • Renal
    • Spleen
  • Chapter 15 – Gallbladder/Biliary system
  • Chapter 16 – Genitourinary system
  • Chapter 17 – Miscellaneous Pathology

In this one of a kind ebook you’ll learn how to be successful on the Abdomen registry. You’ll have a completely new framework for approaching each organ along with methods to help your retain the material taught to you.

  • Covers only the areas that are relevant to the exam
  • Less study time necessary
  • Focused chapters
  • Less unnecessary information
  • Images with anatomy and pathology specific to the exam



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