Anything worth having is worth struggling for.

Right? I like the struggle, I like the fight. I never thought that I was a competitive person, I’m fairly laid back. But when I think about times that I am trying to accomplish something, I love to succeed. I love the feeling of conquering something. Especially something that I didn’t think was possible. What’s even better is doing something that someone else told me that I wouldn’t be able to do. The struggle. Sometimes I enjoy it.

What if there were no struggle?

Plant growing in a brick wall, struggle

But what happens when you prepare for the struggle, you’re about to take on some new endeavor, some new adventure and there is no struggle. It just happens. Seems like that would be ideal. Almost like you are about to start a new job and you are nervous and excited and then win the lottery. Now you don’t have to work. Hmmm. What do you do now?
When something comes without the struggle I’m not sure it means as much. Though I bet every single one of you would like to win the lottery.
Still it’s kind of a letdown when you prepare and prepare and then it’s over before it even starts.
I remember waiting to watch a UFC fight. For months these 2 guys had been slamming each other verbally. Saying how they would do this or that to the other. Every day they would say something worse about the other. Then they show them training. Preparing. Physically… mentally. The day before the fight at the weigh in they couldn’t even let them close to each other. They were about to rip each others heads off. Leading up to the fight they rehash all that has happened prior to the fight. They show clips of them, showing the eagerness to fight, the desire to win.
The fighters come out. They stare at each other from across the cage. They are pacing. They can’t wait for the bell to ring. Finally, it rings. They run to the center of the cage, one fighter is a little quicker than the other. He throws a punch the other guy didn’t see coming. In 12 seconds the fight is over. One laying on the ground, the other victorious.
All I thought was, he trained and prepared and now it’s over. I wonder if the victory was as sweet as he imagined. To me it seems like the victory wasn’t as sweet as if they had gone toe to toe for 5 rounds.

The struggle. It makes it worth it.

The pain, it gives you something that nobody can take away. The knowledge that you did it. That no one else did it for you. You did it.
A good friend took an exam today (the ARDMS Ultrasound Abdomen registry) that she has been preparing for all year . I saw her struggle and fight and study and learn. I saw the work she put in. I felt victorious when she called to say she passed. The struggle makes it worth it. When you feel like you will never get past what seems to be an insurmountable obstacle remember that anything worth having is worth fighting for. Keep learning. Keep trying.

I promise you the struggle is worth it.

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