Semi-Interactive Console Questions

We have been getting a lot of emails regarding the Advanced Item Type Questions. Specifically the Semi-Interactive Console Live Simulation Questions. It seems like everyone is either worried or confused about what these actually are.


Semi-Interactive Console questions actually going to be a great addition to the SPI exam. The reason for this is that if you know how to run an Ultrasound machine you probably will be able to figure out the question without having to know the specific formula and number behind the answer. You will have to know what needs to be changed for an image to be correct.

You will have a screen that looks just like the image above with a question pertaining to the image and the settings. You will have the opportunity to adjust the settings to where they should be and that is how you answer the question. This is going to the the future of Ultrasound testing. So we all should get used to taking exams like this. I believe that the closer they can get to actually having a scanning simulator the more we will do these types of things on certification examinations.

I believe this is great for those of you that have anxiety about tests because you will just be doing something that you already know how to do. Just work the machine and get the best picture possible and you will get the question right.

For lots of great information and how to videos here is the link to the ARDMS answer and tutorial page for the Semi-Interactive Console Live Simulation Questions.
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