I recently had this questions.

“I am confused with extra hepatic ducts vs. Intra hepatic. I thought that CBD, CHD, and cystic duct were within the lobes of the liver? I came across a review page and it says those 3 ducts are extra hepatic. Im a bit confused about the boundary between the 2.”

Let’s clear this up a little.

Intrahepatic ducts vs extrahepatic ductsThe intrahepatic ducts start with Left Hepatic Duct (LHD) and Right Hepatic Duct (RHD). They merge and form the Common Hepatic duct. This leaves the liver and merges with the Cystic Duct which forms the Common Bile Duct.

After that the Common Bile Duct merges with the Main Pancreatic Duct and forms the Ampulla of Vater.

LHD + RHD = CHD (intrahepatic)

CHD + CD = CBD (extrahepatic)

CBD + MPD = Ampulla of Vater (extrahepatic)

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